The Treasury DepartmentYn Tashtey


    The Treasury is responsible for publishing the Government’s accounts. Two sets of accounts are published each year – the unaudited Detailed Government Accounts and the audited, statutory Annual Accounts. These documents are published annually and on an aggregated basis, being presented in a consistent format each year.

    This website provides both a greater level of detail of the Government’s financial information and is updated multiple times during the year in order to provide a greater level of information on the Government’s finances.

    The information is available through the following two reports:

    • Summary Budget Report
    • Detailed Revenue Report

    The information is presented using the same classification systems used within the Government’s central finance system. These enable the information to be presented by combinations of (i) income and expenditure type and (ii) organisation unit. Income and expenditure is shown gross – the Government Budget is presented with some expenditure being reduced by corresponding income for some organisation units.

    The underlying financial transactions data is updated (by the 25th day following a quarter-end) every three months, for the quarters ending 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December. Income and expenditure is not constant throughout the year and amounts reported during the year may be distorted by adjustments arising.

    Summary Budget Report

    This report provides the financial results of Government in the same format as the Budget Detailed Revenue Estimates Report as set out in the Isle of Man’s annual Budget (‘The Pink Book’).

    The purpose of the report is to report the finances of Government in a manner that enables a simple comparison to the budget. Detailed budgets can be updated by Departments during the year, though changes to a Department’s overall budget requires Tynwald approval.

    Detailed Revenue Report

    This report provides the income and expenditure for Government analysed both by department and by income or expense category.

    Further analysis and detail can be obtained by ‘clicking’ on the chosen item and ‘drilling down’ to the next level of detail.

    It is possible to view information at Government level or by ‘drilling down’ view the results at department, division or sub-division level (3 levels). Income and expense categories can also be analysed down through 3 levels of detail.